"Larimer Humane Society's mission is to promote and provide the humane care and treatment of animals."

Shelter-Giveaway IG

This holiday season, help get a new toy for a shelter pet by giving our friends over at PetSafe a like and a follow. For every new like and new follow they recieve on social media, they will donate one new toy to our shelter. You can like them on Facebook here, and follow them on Twitter here. Thank you for helping out a pet this holiday!

Never Judge a Cat By Their Profile

Sometimes when animals come into the shelter, their behavior can change. Riley came into our care because her owners said that she was afraid of dogs and did not enjoy being around them. That information didn't deter a new family from adopting Riley. At home, they introduced her to their high-energy boxers, and guess what?  Riley fit right in! Her name was changed to "Temperance" and now Temperance loves to be around her new dog pals.  She even cuddles with them! Sometimes, animals just need the right situation.                                                       

                                                                                                                                     IMG 20141205 061500 569